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Carson Palmer praises Joe Burrow as the right guy to overcome major knee surgery

Carson Palmer sadly knows a thing or two about being a Bengal and having to undergo reconstructive knee surgery.

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals fanbase has been through the heartbreak of losing a phenomenal quarterback to an injury before, and while Carson Palmer’s was later in his career, it was similar to 2020 No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow’s injury that crushed the spirit of every fan.

Burrow went down against the Washington Football Team in Week 11. It was destined to happen at some point as the Bengals had been allowing Burrow to just get smothered in the pocket for most of the season.

That said, Burrow is on the path to rehab. He’s walking and seemingly on track to play at the start of next season. While that’s still up in the air, one thing isn’t and that is that Joe Burrow will bounce back.

You know it; I know it; and Palmer, a former Bengal legend, knows it.

“He’s the right guy to be going through this mentally,” Palmer told senior writer Geoff Hobson. He went on to say far more than just that. “Joe’s in great hands. If you combine that with the desire and the work ethic and the want-to, which Joe will, it’s a great recipe.”

“Joe will be fine.” Palmer continued with, “He’ll be good. He’s got the strength to come out of this just as good or even better.”

Coming out on the other side better is obviously ideal, but it’ll take more than just Burrow to get him there. It takes an elite staff, another point of conversation that Palmer hit on.

Palmer didn’t just praise Burrow; he took it a step further. The former Bengal great went on to shine a bright light on Nick Cosgray, the Bengals director of rehab, who was around when Palmer went through a similar injury.

“Nick’s great and look at all the experience he has. Joe is around people that have done this a ton,” Palmer said. “He showed great toughness. Everyone’s pulling for him. That city, that organization, they’re all behind him and they’re in a really good spot.”

Now, when Burrow does return, there must be changes made in Cincinnati. He must be able to hang around in the pocket and not get blasted. Burrow ranked in the top ten in the league in sacks taken and he played in just ten games.

In order to thrive as an organization, Burrow needs to be at his best, and if he can put in the work to get back to the top, they need to make sure he can stay there!