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Bengals vs. Ravens Madden Simulation

We simulated Bengals vs. Ravens in Madden to try to predict the outcome of the Week 17 game.

Bengals vs Ravens Madden highlights

The last game of the 2020 NFL season, even if it does fall in 2021.

For the Bengals, it was a frustrating season, for a lot of reasons including the injury to Joe Burrow. Now, this game could be the last game in a Bengals uniform for several key players, and one may have already played in his last one with William Jackson out against the Ravens.

This may also be the last Bengals game for franchise legend A.J. Green and stud pass rusher Carl Lawson. With their overall lack of talent at EDGE and cornerback, it would be foolish of the Bengals to not try to re-sign the two young players, but anything can happen in the NFL, so we nee to enjoy these players while they are still here.

With that, let’s take a look at Madden to see how it predicts the outcome of the Week 17 game.

The game starts off and the Ravens get the ball, but the Bengals quickly get a stop. Receiving the ball in good field position the Bengals start their drive and are only able to get one first down before having to punt themselves. The Ravens receive the ball and slowly drive down the field before scoring a touchdown on a J.K. Dobbins run.

J.K. Dobbins touchdown

Ravens: 7 - 0

The Bengals receive the ball after this, but a quick 3 and out leads to the Ravens getting the ball back. This time they drive down the field and are able to score a touchdown with under two minutes left in the half on a pass to Dez Bryant.

Dez Bryanttouchdown

Ravens: 14 - 0

After this the Bengals receive the ball and very quickly go three and out. They punt the ball to the Ravens who receive the ball with just under a minute left. Trying to be aggressive they try to run the ball with Lamar who is taken down and fumbles, resulting in the Bengals getting the ball in great field position. They manage to gain one first down and then settle for a field goal with very little time left in the half.

Bengals first field goal

Ravens: 14 - 3

After the half nothing at all happened in the third quarter both teams able to make defensive stands. However, in the fourth the Ravens got a good drive going and with under five minutes left had a chance to put the game away. Lamar Jackson scrambles for the game sealing touchdown and fumbles. The ball is scooped up by Germaine Pratt, who has a step on every Raven and is able to run all the way down for a touchdown, bringing it within a possession. The Bengals try for two and don’t get it.

Germaine Pratt first touchdown

Ravens: 14 - 9

The Ravens receive the ball and begin to drive down the field themselves. However, the Bengals force another fumble by Lamar Jackson. They have the ball in Ravens territory and only need a touchdown to take the lead. They go three and out and punt. After receiving the punt with under four minutes to go the Ravens are able to get first down after first down and run out the clock to win the game.

Final Score

Madden 21 Win Loss prediction accuracy: 8-4-1

Yes the Bengals somehow had just 43 yards