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Bengals to keep same helmet with new uniforms

No need to change perfection.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Bengals announced Thursday that they’ll be sporting new uniforms for the first time since 2004. But one very important aspect will be staying the same.

Per Geoff Hobson of, the team’s iconic 40-year old stripped-helmet design will stick around for the team’s new threads.

...which is why the striped helmet is going nowhere. The Bengals announced Thursday that they’re getting new uniforms in time for this season, but Paul Brown’s helmet that went from idiotic to iconic is still very much on the mantle.

1981, the year the Bengals went to their first Super Bowl, was the year the stripes debuted on the Bengals’ uniforms. It was a drastic change from the original design the team wore from their inception in 1968 until 1980, but the stripped-helmet remains beloved by the fanbase and recognizable throughout the world of football. Owner and president Mike Brown very much knows this.

“My father said he wanted a helmet that would take just one look to recognize us from the top seat in the stadium,” Brown said. “I think our helmet has stood the test of time. It has established our identity, our trademark, if you will, and that’s important to our fans.”

The Bengals may be rocking #NewStripes this fall, but the top of the uniform will rightfully stay the same.