Mock Draft Zero trading

Ok guys so what I decided to do was do a mock draft where I made zero trades. I let the players fall where they might. Now keep in mind when you look this over you'll see I took no edge pass rushers. The value for the players I drafted vs the value of what I thought the pass rushers available didn't match to me liking. I have also gone on record that this off-season FA should really look into bringing in a high caliber DE. There simply isn't enough in this draft to warrant picking over other stronger positioned players. I think DE is a need but we're best served doing a quick upgrade by getting a proven player at that position. I know he's going to cost but Ygnakoue is one that comes to mind, assuming he's become realistic with his salary demands. Sewell was already taken by the Dolphins just incase anyone was wondering. You will see the 3 lineman drafted and all 3 are towards the top end of their positional rankings. My final 3 picks are guys I really like and can make an impact. It's not a knock you down type of draft but it is a draft that turns this team in the right direction and hopefully puts us over the hump. So many drafts were being done with trades, and I myself have done one, but I decided to take a look at how it would unfold by staying put much like we typically do. Remember this is no way accurate and I did avoid some players I felt truly wouldn't be available at the time.

  • CIN
    Ja'Marr Chase
    WR LSU
  • CIN
    Jalen Mayfield
    OT Michigan
  • CIN
    Paulson Adebo
    CB Stanford
  • CIN
    Walker Little
    OT Stanford
  • CIN
    Trey Hill
    OC Georgia
  • CIN
    Amen Ogbongbemiga
    LB Oklahoma State
  • CIN
    Isaiah Pola-Mao
    S USC
  • CIN
    Whop Philyor
    WR Indiana

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