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Top 5 players for Bengals to watch at the Senior Bowl

We take a look at five players for Bengals fans to watch from the Senior Bowl

Top Five players for Bengals fans to watch from the Senior Bowl

The Bengals may not be coaching the Senior Bowl this year, but that doesn’t mean they will not be considering players playing in it. Especially considering their large need at OL and the extremely strong OL class at the Senior Bowl.

It overall, is a great Senior Bowl class and with the more restrictive draft season this is one of very few opportunities and the Bengals need to take advantage of it.

With that said, let’s take a look at five players the Bengals could draft from the Senior Bowl.

1. Dillon Radunz OT, North Dakota State

A nasty blocker with good enough athleticism and size to stick on the outside in the NFL. He played on the left side in college, but there is no reason to believe he couldn’t play right tackle if needed. Coming from a smaller school and having a bit of room to grow in his frame could be what pushes him down to a place where the Bengals could take him on Day 2 if they went a different route in Round 1.

2. Quinn Meinerz iOL, Wisconsin Whitewater

Speaking of small schools, arguably the top OL performer of the week comes from DIII powerhouse Wisconsin Whitewater. A very large player with decent athleticism and a tough demeanor in his play he could bring exactly what the Bengals need to their interior offensive line. He has experience playing multiple offensive line positions so he brings the versatility the Bengals love and need. Once again, coming from a small school he could be the perfect option for the Bengals to take on Day 2.

3. Kadarius Toney WR, Florida

While I could easily fill the list with five OL who have been performing very well in Mobile, variety is the spice of life, so let’s take a look at someone who could bring some fire to the Bengals offense. Coming into 2021 the Bengals desperately need a WR who can get open quick and also threaten down the field. Toney offers that and also fantastic ability after the catch. If the Bengals don’t go WR in round one and Toney makes it to them in round 2 he would be a perfect complement to the weapons they have now.

4. Hamilcar Rashed Jr. EDGE, Oregon State

If Rashed had showed up at his college weight in Mobile then I probably wouldn’t have included him here. However, he was able to pack on 20 pounds putting him at 6’4” 250. He could still stand to bulk up a bit, but the fact he came in that much heavier and has still looked bendy and explosive is very intriguing. He may not be an early down player especially early on, but he could a speed element to the Bengals pass rush with the potential to grow into a great player. For a player who could be available into Day 3 after a rough 2020 season the potential is through the roof.

5. James Hudson OT, Cincinnati

With only one year of starting OT experience Hudson is a gamble that honestly the Bengals can ill afford to take with a top fifty pick this year. However, sometimes you have to shoot for the moon, and that is what the Bengals could do with Hudson. A player with a good foundation of traits and above average athleticism, he is the perfect test for Frank Pollack to mold into a starting caliber player. If the Bengals want to go OT in round 2 there will be few players with potential as high as Hudson available there.