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Best of Bengals Twitter from rollercoaster win over Jaguars

Bengals Twitter felt it all during Thursday Night Football.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals pulled out a thrilling victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was one of those games where the Bengals came out flat-footed and fell behind by 14 points.

However, they rallied back with a 24-21 victory behind the arm of Joe Burrow.

Bengals fans went through a wide range of emotions throughout the game. Really, who can blame anyone at this point after seeing what we’ve witnessed the last few seasons? It was a great win, but man it would be nice to watch them just beat up a worse opponent.

Jaguars pounce on sleepwalking Bengals early

Cincinnati came out and got a quick stop on Jacksonville before putting a very nice drive together. However, it ended with Evan McPherson missing a 43-yard field goal. From there, the rest of the half was just the Jaguars dominating all sides of the ball.

They ran it down Cincinnati’s throats and Trevor Lawrence practically earned an entire touchdown drive after repeatedly converting on third-and-short by keeping on read options. The Bengals defense didn’t help its cause with plenty of missed tackles and miscues without safety Jessie Bates or cornerback Chidobe Awuzie.

Offense takes it time waking up

After that first drive, the Bengals only had one first down the rest of the first half. That is the best way to describe what fans watched during that time.

Disclaimer: This is not to poke fun at anyone here. Plenty of this criticism was very valid, and you could say the second half is what we all should’ve been seeing from the beginning.

Boo birds flew high

It is kind of important here to also note that the fans in the stadium were fed up watching an offense that just couldn’t do anything despite having Burrow and an offensive line that wasn’t doing all that bad. It was frustrating to see predictable run, run and pass on third and long play calling rear its ugly head on a night where fans wanted something to cheer for.

Goal-line turning point

No one knew it at the time, but the Jaguars getting turned away on fourth-and-goal ended up being one of the biggest plays of the game. It came right before the half where the Bengals would proceed to come out on fire. Cincinnati quickly overcame a 14-point deficit, but if it was a 21-point deficit, who knows how the game would have ended.

Let. Joe. Cook.

The biggest frustration in the first half was the willingness to just try and coast off a running game that clearly wasn’t working in the first half. The first drive was so successful because they mixed in passes on downs where the defense didn’t expect it.

We also didn’t get to see much of Burrow getting to work at the line of scrimmage to adjust the play. We got that out of halftime when Burrow connected with Ja’Marr Chase and C.J. Uzomah for a touchdown followed by the running game getting going. Joe squared put the team in a position to compete for the win again.

Burrow and Uzomah will a win

The simple fact is this team would’ve never won or even been in a position to win a game like this if Burrow was not leading this team. When the game was on the line he repeatedly made the plays necessary to keep up and eventually out pace the desperate Jaguars. The guy he looked for on those crucial plays usually ended up being Uzomah. The veteran tight end had a career night.

3-1 never felt so good

Bengals fans get to celebrate being at the top of the AFC North, for however brief it will be with the Browns and Ravens set to have their respective games this weekend. It has been a long time coming for this team that has worked so hard to put a winner together. It just feels so great to have Burrow as our quarterback.

Stat of the game

There are all kinds of odd stats the ESPN or other media outlets will dig up to fit a scenario perfectly. This one stat makes it look like Burrow will always be a thorn in Lawrence’s side.

GIF of the weeks

Here are some of the best GIF reactions to the Bengals win we got. To have a chance at your GIF being included make sure to follow us @CincyJungle and reply when we call for the entries.