Way Too Early Look at FA vs Draft Needs

I’ve seen it a few times in the comments from a few fellow posters, but looking forward from where we are today, what direction do you think we should go for this coming years FA vs Draft (this is assuming Zac and Lou are back). I think most all of us agree O-Line will still be a major focus, but would you rather attack that through the draft or with a proven player? So much focus has been spending on the defense and I think we are reaping the benefits so far.

My personal thoughts:

- Extend Bates. Enough said.

- Find a #1 or 2 corner in FA and draft one in the first 3 rounds.

- O-Line. Reiff might not be back and we need a center. As much as I’d love to count on Hill and Smith, we can’t stop looking for major upgrades.

- Keep our depth strong. This is one area I feel Zac and Tobin have done well. Our depth feels like it can help the team maintain a competitive edge and we can mask flaws with coaching/game plans. We haven’t had that in a long time, so hopefully we keep adding strong depth pieces.

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