Weekly Fire Zac Taylor thread

I haven't had to make one of these in a few weeks. But I really should've. Minus the Steelers game.

I want you all to realize that this team could be 5-0 with a good coach.

Conversely we could be 1-4 with a worse team.

TALENT and TALENT only is winning games for us. Did Burrow have 2 AWFUL picks today? Yes, but so did Rogers (at least his first one) And guess what happened? Zac calls the trash and we go no where.

HOW MANY TIMES DID WE HAVE THE BALL 2nd and less than 5 INSIDE OF THE PACKERS 45 and we do nothing with the ball? We should've scored LITERALLY every possession. You're past the 45, EVERYONE ON THE PLANET KNOWS WE'RE IN 4 DOWN TERRITORY. So what does Zac do? Pass Pass (sack) punt. WHY?! IT'S 2ND AND 3RD AND SHORT JUST RUN THE BALL THREE TIMES AND START OVER.

We're literally winning games IN SPITE OF ZAC. He sucks. I'm NEVER going to forgive week 2 against the WORST TEAM (arguably) in the NFL, the Bears and how AWFUL the offense played.

This week gets no pass. The defense held Rogers to 22 points in 4 quarters. And our offense with a RB averaging basically 6 yards a carry. Jamarr who had 150 yards and weapons all over the field could only score 22. Against a defense WHO'S BEST PLAYER WASN'T PLAYING.

Don't get me started on Evan, yes he missed two FG's but IT WAS 4TH AND INCHES JUST GO FOR IT AND GET CLOSER!! Same with the 3rd and 5 call with 28 seconds left.

I'm so tired of Zac and he's going to keep his job ONLY because of talent. And it's so frustrating seeing how GOOD this team is and we're losing game because we have a coach that's ABSOLUTELY INCOMPETENT.

He's bad. He's freaking awful. And I'm so over it.

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