Odds to make playoffs

Saw this article that runs 10K simulations to figure what it takes to get to playoffs


11 Wins 99% you make it

10 Wins 91%

9 Wins 50%

8 wins 11%

7 Wins 1%

How do they get their

@ Det W - not easy on the road after an OT - but Lions are bad

@ Balt L - Lamar is carrying this team (and Tucker) choke jobs by DET/IND in last two - but still nod goes to Ravens

@ NJY W - See DET above

Cleve - W - I'm not sure if Baker is good or Browns D is great - it's any given Sunday - going w/Home team

@ LV - W - Counting on Radiers to implode a bit - key game they will be fighting for WC

Pitt - W - Tomlin/Big Ben are not going to roll over - but a lost season for them give the home team the advantage

LA Chargers - L - Herbert > Burrow right now

SF - W - Starting Rookie QB coming from West Coast - SF has not shown much

@ Denver - W - Another key game against WC contender - Locke/Bridgewater can't get it done

Balt - L - See Lamarr above

KC - L - Andy Reid/Mahomes are not going to fade away

@ Cle - L - Cleveland fighting to get in gets in done at home

That gets you to 10-7 - 91% chance

3-3 vs Division

Seeing most teams outside of Buffalo maybe Phoenix t's any given Sunday

Doesn't seem unrealistic - injuries will be the biggest factor for all

Fun part of this year is they seem like they will be in it all year - who knows how it will end up

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