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Aaron Rodgers shares what he told Joe Burrow following Bengals vs. Packers

Rodgers, just like all of Cincinnati, is a fan of Burrow.

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While the Cincinnati Bengals played far from a perfect game, they did give rookie kicker Evan McPherson two chances to win the game, both at the end of regulation and in overtime.

However, Cincinnati lost 25-22 in a thrilling game that featured two of the league’s dominant quarterbacks, One in the back half of his career, league MVP Aaron Rodgers, and one just starting out, second-year star Joe Burrow.

Following the game, the two shared a quick conversation. As a guest on the Pat McAfee show, Rodgers dove into what he told the 24-year-old.

Rodgers told Burrow: “Slide.”

Rodgers said he told Andrew Luck the same thing. Burrow took a nasty hit in the first half of the game, trying to run for a first down. It initially looked like Burrow’s day might have been over at that moment, but he returned the next drive.

Here’s the hit that shook Burrow up.

Burrow went for 281 yards and two touchdowns on the day. He also had two interceptions which negated some of his excellent performance. This was Burrow’s fifth-straight game with at least two touchdowns.

As for Rodgers, he was able to have the final laugh on Sunday, but having thrown an interception, his performance was still flawed.

That said, the best part about the Bengals-Packers game was that Cincinnati showed they can hang with a competitor. The Bengals have one bad loss on their resume and have taken down Pittsburgh and Minnesota, two capable, mid-tier opponents.

Behind an ever-improving Joe Burrow, who hopefully learns to slide more often when he runs, the Bengals could potentially make the playoffs. This winnable, down to the second game certainly hurt.

The Bengals now take their talents up to Detroit for their Week 6 matchup.