Trade Deadline

It's unlikely that we actually do anything here, but there's some really interesting players on the rumor mill that line up exactly with our needs. teams like the broncos who have multiple CBs in trade discussions (callahan and fuller would both be big upgrades over eli apple, and are getting a lot of attention) while someone like the chiefs hit it out of the park in the draft on the IOL and have guys like LDT and Wylie who could offer some solid veteran play to plug the giant hole at RG for us (also, since creed is already one of the better centers in the league, they could look at dealing blythe too, and we could get a center since hopkins clearly isn't himself after the injury)

my dream scenario right now, would be to look at the giants. their season is basically over most likely with their injury situation, and a guy like james bradberry is in his late 20s. he's an elite talent and they could look to trade him for a pick or two, since they're pretty much in rebuild mode, and won't make use of him at this point in any meaningful way. this lets them dump his contract and free up that space next year, and we could foot some of the bill. he fits the type of player this staff likes in CBs, being big, physical, and a good tackler on the perimeter. this is a complete longshot, but it makes sense for both sides IMO. with a change of scenery, and a great situation around him on our defense here, he'd be a home run.

if not him, someone who i know is on the block is, like i mentioned before, callahan from denver. we could move him outside and he'd instantly be a massive upgrade over apple.

i'd like to hear your thoughts on who we could go after, even if it's unlikely we actually do anything. there's definitely options out there.

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