To the Marvin haters...

There seems to be a group of Bengals fans who just wish to hate on Marvin Lewis. I have seen many posts since Zac was hired claiming how our HC position has improved, while throwing shade toward Marvin's name. To all of those haters, I say try out some fun facts. All information I supply was derived from:

(NOTE: The listed QB did not start every game during the time given. Considering all 3 QB's missed significant time the evaluation is relatively fair. If I find more time, I may post specific data to eliminate the play of back-up QB's. I however, feel this is part of the game and shows the ability to overcome adversity as a HC.)

Palmer years (2003-2010)

24.3 PPGF and 25.6 PPGA

Dalton years (2011-2018 under Marvin)

22.9 PPGF and 21.0 PPGA

Combined Marvin years (2003-2018)

23.6 PPGF and 23.2 PPGA

Dalton year (2019 under Zac)

17.4 PPG and 26.3 PPGA

Burrow years (2020-Date)

20.2 PPGF and 24.95 PPGA

Combined Zac years (2019-DATE)

19.0 PPGF and 25.5 PPGA

Conservative Marvin scored more Points Per Game For than Offensive Guru Zac in every example. In fact, the only season Marvin was lower than Zac's lowest was 2008 (12.8 PPGF) with Palmer injuring his elbow and Ryan Fitzpatrick as starter the majority of the season. Only one other season did Marvin fall below Zac's Total average. The 2017 team scored 18.1 PPGF. This means 88% of the time Marvin coached, he was statistically better than Zac.

Marvin took over the worst (at the time) team in Bengals history and made them respectable (8-8) in his first season as HC.

Zac took a 6 win team of Marvin's and made them the franchises worst (arguably, but 2nd to only the 2002 team at best) team in franchise history. He did not tank for Burrow either, so please spare us the revisionist history.

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