Weekly Fire Zac Taylor thread

Ummm....I just don't understand why we play so awful in the first half...oh wait, yes I do. It's because Zac is a bad play caller and should be relieved of his duties.

I swear. He must have Joe on a pitch count and is like, "you know what, I'm going to get all of the Joe Mixon touches out of the way in the first half, so we can then go to our strength in the second half and then we look balanced".

Also, you all find it ridiculous that we're probably the worst 3rd and short team in the NFL? You can literally run any play in the book and we have 3945739 weapons and what does Zac always turn to? Empty. Make it one dimensional and obvious to what we're going to do.

I'm happy we won, by such a comfortable margin, but we're getting into the teeth of our schedule and we can't play GOOD teams and only play one half of football on one side of the ball.

Last week was a perfect example. Luckily the Lions are awful, but only having 10 points when the other team has a turnover, only 65 total yards and we have weapons on weapons on weapons on offense is wild.

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