Uncle Lou's Fried Ratbird stuffed with Crap Imperial

Looking back at the October game in Baltimore last year, one can see the plan. Before we were decimated with injury and playing with our backups backups by the end of the season, Lou did indeed have a plan. The scoreboard was ugly 27-3 A deeper look at the game does provide some insight into the plan.

Lamar was held in check. 180 passing yards and only 3 rushing yards. We were only gashed on the ground for 158 yards, of which 96 of those yards came off of 3 rushes. Those three break downs on D and a defensive touchdown for the Ravens made the score look really worse than the game itself. The offense was horrid in both matchups last year. But before we were down to our 6th and 7th DT's, Lou's plan had merit.

Our defensive personnel has improved in the past year. We have actual tacklers on that side of the ball. We are flying around making plays. And most importantly we are healthy. With firm conviction I think we will hold the Ratbirds to 20. For me this game will come down to our offense. Mixon ran the ball 24 times in that game for 59 yards. We gave up two fumbles, one interception, and a defensive touchdown, 7 sacks and 15 hits on our native son, Joey B. All of which nullified what I feel was a solid defensive approach to keeping them in check.

This game, for the DIVISION lead our offense must only be proficient and mistake free. I think we win this game with 3 scores and no freebies going the other way. If we can play to our defense and grind out 3 touchdowns we will win this game 21-20.

Our O line has to step up and Zak needs to call a sound game. The offense does not need to be special to win. Just proficient and sound. The ratbirds like to get up on you, force you to pass and send the house. We can't play their game we must play ours and dictate the tempo. Lamar can't beat us with from the pocket or when his ass is on the ground. We need to hit him hard and often and keep him in the pocket. Press him up the gut. We got this.

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