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Ja’Marr Chase heir to Raven Killer title after huge performance

A.J. Green once held the title, but as he moved on to the desert, Ja’Marr Chase rises up to take hold of it.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals rose to the challenge of grounding the Baltimore Ravens today. One of the big reasons for the win was rookie wide receiver stepping up with — yet another — game-changing performance.

This one was different though. This was Chase’s best game as a pro so far, and he did it against Marlon Humphrey who is one of the best coverage corners in the NFL. He also did it against a team that this predecessor, A.J. Green, routinely had big games against.

Outside of one game, Green had at least 70 yards or a receiving touchdown against the Ravens (eight-game stretch). That came out to a total of 44 catches, 734 yards and nine touchdowns in those games.

It was all capped off with a Thursday Night Football game where Green scored three touchdowns on primetime television. That is when he was dubbed the Raven Killer.

Now that Green is suiting up for the Arizona Cardinals, his spot was left open for someone on this offense to claim. While C.J. Uzomah made quite the case with two big touchdowns on the day, Chase ran away with it by looking unstoppable throughout the day.

The play that did it was one many fans will likely find familiar as well.

Chase finished the day with eight catches 201 yards with that touchdown as well that got every Bengals’ fan out of their seat. When you are a good team facing another good team, you need a player that elevates his play. Chase shined when he was needed most. Joe Burrow and his former college teammate hooked up for plenty of crucial plays and big gains.

Chase also currently has the most receiving yards by a rookie through seven games (754). No other rookie had more than 700. It is safe to say that with 17 regular season games that this record is probably going down.

It can’t feel good as a fan of another AFC North team to contemplate facing Chase twice a season for the foreseeable future.