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Steve Young believes in the Bengals; compares Ja’Marr Chase to Steve Smith

Some strong words from an NFL legend.

Syndication: The Enquirer Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cincinnati Bengals bandwagon is filling up fast after the beatdown of the Baltimore Ravens this past weekend.

Currently sitting at 5-2, the Bengals are atop the AFC North and are looking to sustain the early success they have had this season. With this success also comes some more national attention, and that is what they got on Monday night from an NFL legend in Steve Young.

Young took to the Monday Night pre-game show to talk about what he is seeing from this team.

You can’t talk about the Bengals this season and not mention Ja’Marr Chase. Young went as far as to compare him to a former great at the receiver position.

“A faster, stronger Steve Smith,” Young said. “I thought Steve Smith in his prime was uncoverable because of his size and speed and his strength and his body.”

This Bengals team has put on a show offensively, but as Adam Schefter mentioned in the video above the money spent on the defense this offseason is paying off.

So far they have proved to be a complete team across the board, and if this continues, expect some more national attention to continue to come their way.