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Put some respect in C.J. Uzomah’s name with this new shirt

The perfect way to let everyone know how to pronounce C.J. YEW ZAH MAH.

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The Cincinnati Bengals have taken the league by storm, and a big part of that has been the breakout season C.J. Uzomah is having.

Now that Uzomah is becoming a household name, it’s a good time to remind everyone how his name is correctly pronounced to put some respect in this man’s name.

Just about every time we hear his name called on a TV broadcast, it’s wrong.

From you-zah-mah to ewww-zah-mo and even yo-zo-ma, it’s been a rare occurrence to hear Uzomah’s name pronounced correctly.

Now, you can let the whole world know how to say this man’s name with the latest offering from BreakingT: YEW ZAH MAH.


These range in sizes from small to 3XL with youth and hoodie versions, and they’re officially licensed by the NFLPA.

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But that’s not all.

Another driving force behind the Bengals’ resurgence has been No. 5 overall pick Ja’Marr Chase. Already on a historical pace in his first NFL season, Chase has become everything the Bengals could hope for and then some, as he looks every bit like the franchise’s latest superstar wideout.

With that in mind, BreakingT just unveiled its Chosen 1 clothing line.


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