Say what you want about the Steelers.

But no franchise in American sports is more deserving of a down period than them. A franchise that has four super bowls before the 2000s marred with steroid use and two after that with a QB who is as well know national for his sexual assault allegations has he is his on the field play. A team that has caused so many injuries to other teams players(and their own) they have had countless rules created to protect players, at least four come to mind just from acts they did while playing the bengals. A team with a list of penalties against coaches for interfering in games. Then they will preach about being a high character franchise.

No fan base is more deserving of seeing Big Ben out there throwing ducks. A fan base that talks about super bowls from decades ago anytime a footballs argument starts. That has cheered on more injuries of players I care to count. The worst fans in the AFC and it isn’t close.

I wish all of the future Steelers players nothing but health and to make as much money as possible. I wish the franchise nothing but losing, and that this meltdown continues for years to come. You truly deserve it.

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