How Big is the Packers game?

Yesterday three 0-3 teams won - Jets, Giants, Colts. Parity rears its head. Defending SB champs Bucs have looked very beatable along with Chiefs. The only undefeated team in the AFC is the Raiders who play tonight against the favorite Chargers. A loss by LV would give 6 teams a 3-1 record in the AFC three of which are in Bengals division.

Bengals vs Packers AT HOME will be a major indicator if the team has reached the level of a playoff team. Playoff teams need those home wins. 9-0 at home and 4-4 away is a great 13-4 record. However, a loss at home means more pressure to win tough away games. A W next Sunday and we stay at the top of our division and are media darlings. An L against GB at home will bring the same old same old tripe from the media.

IMO if Zac lets Joe loose from the start our Offense will be more potent in the first half. And if our D plays well with sacks and forcing turnovers there will be no need for a second half comeback.

How BIG is the Packers game? A Win paves the momentum to be a playoff team THIS year and then anything is possible even a SB championship.

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