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Could Aaron Rodgers end up on the Steelers?

The Bengals could be facing the star QB a lot more in the future.

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Ahead of the Bengals’ game against the Green Bay Packers, there has been discussion that the latter’s future Hall of Fame quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, may be joining the AFC North in the near future.

Rodgers defeated the Steelers last week, 27-17. Before that game, rumors emerged that he may be trying to land in Pittsburgh in 2022. The flames of these rumors were flamed, in large part, by the 2020 MVP’s affection for Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, which he articulated in an appearance on the “Pat McAfee Show”:

I have a ton of respect for Mike... I think he’s a fantastic coach. I love the way that he leads. I love that way that he talks after the games. He always seems to keep things really even keel. Looks like he’s somebody that players love playing for.

Rodgers also praised the people of Pittsburgh:

I’ve been around a lot of Pittsburgh people over the years. I have loved my time with all of them... I have learned to speak the [Pittsburgh accent] really well, which is actually allowed me to follow and become a big fan of Pittsburgh Dad. ... It’s a great, blue-collar town. There’s a lot of great people that live there. There’s a lot of history in that city.

Then, during the game, Rodgers and Tomlin had some friendly exchanges.

All of that together made Rodgers to Pittsburgh a hot topic this past week. However, the signal caller made sure to slow things down for now on his most recent appearance on McAfee’s show, saying:

Ask me a question about Mike Tomlin, I’m going to tell you how I feel about Mike Tomlin. If you want to take that and run with it and say I’m angling for some sort of next team or something, I’m not. I’m just answering a question about my respect for Mike and what he’s accomplished in the league.

The reality is that, yes, it is far too early to know where Rodgers, who has a potential out in his contract following the season, will end up next year. However, he has made clear that he does like the Steelers’ organization and coach. And he’s also made clear that he does not feel he’s received the sort of respect he deserves from Green Bay’s front office (namely, having input about roster moves). So Rodgers to the Steelers is a realistic possibility.

We talked to former Packer Mike Wahle about Rodgers’ situation and whether or not he will end up on the Steelers.

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