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NFL Sunday Ticket could be headed to ESPN+

NFL Sunday Ticket could become more accessible and see significant changes.

New York Jets v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The NFL’s Sunday Ticket could be added to streaming services in 2022 when DirecTV’s contract with the NFL is set to expire.

While DirecTV will likely keep the satellite rights of the deal, the NFL is looking for someone to take on the streaming rights. One big name apparently is Disney, according to Sports Business Daily.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek said the company is “in discussions and negotiations with the NFL.”

Disney, which also owns Hulu has been bulking up its service with sports. The platform already hosts live Soccer matches and has packages that include live NBA games. Adding the NFL Sunday Ticket to ESPN+ would make their bundle of Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ a practical must have for most sports fans who have cut the cord.

The other changes that have been speculated is an update to the Sunday Ticket as a whole. Since it has been released, you have had to purchase all the out-of-market games in order to get NFL Sunday Ticket. However, to make the deal more accessible (and in turn make it more appealing), they may end up offering single teams or bundles of teams at a reduced cost.

This has to be welcome news to many Cincinnati Bengals fans, especially those outside of the Cincinnati market. For one, it has been practically impossible for fans to legally watch Bengals games unless they got DirecTV and Sunday ticket. That isn’t exactly the most affordable plan for many people or homes. The idea that having a ESPN+ account — even through Hulu — would be as easy as getting a satellite to watch your favorite team would be welcomed by many fans.

The more accessible the game is to watch, the better it is for everyone.