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Darius Phillips suffers injury vs. Raiders

Phillips was able to shake it off.

New England Patriots v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images


Darius Phillips was able to finish the game and appears fine heading into Week 12 vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Darius Phillips has become a very important special teams player for the Cincinnati Bengals. That makes him limping off the field to start the second half vs. the Las Vegas Raiders a notable occurrence.

Phillips has taken over as the kick returner following an injury to Brandon Wilson before the team’s bye week. There was word that rookie running back Chris Evans saw some work as returner as well, so he would likely be the next man up in that department.

Phillips was the one to catch the next punt, but we will see when the adrenaline winds down if he is still able to make the explosive plays that are expected of him. It also could very well be something we see in the early injury reports this upcoming weeks before the Pittsburgh Steeler game.

Phillips may not have a big play on the year as a returner, but he is at least trustworthy to field punts and hold onto them along with having that homerun ability. Turning that over to a rookie isn’t ideal right now.