Re-Rank the Draft

We have seen 10 Games from this draft class - Some positives and some negatives to say the least. However, This time last year I was on draft websites looking at targets, since our season was essentially over. So as we look towards this playoff push, I thought it would be fun to go back and look at the draft class and the performance compared to our expectations, to think about our initial draft grade and what we would grade them now.

Ja'Marr Chase - Draft Day (A) as of week 11 (A++)

- on the day of the draft I was excited for whoever, I wanted Chase, but I would have been Content with Sewell. I don't know if you could have a better start, he had a quite two weeks recently but a TD against the Raiders and shows how good of a down field blocker he is -- I look forward to watching UNO for a long time.

Jackson Carmen - Draft Day (C) as of week 11 (D)

- I was uninspired with the pick, I would say that I had hoped for other players. With that said I looked forward to the development of the player and I understood the move to guard. If you would have asked me three or four weeks ago about his grade I would have maybe had him as high as a low B. But not being able to beat out players, albeit because of a injury -- concerns me. Hopefully he gets on the right track and anchors the right side of the line for years to come.

Joseph Ossai - Draft Day (A+) as of week 11 (Incomplete)

- My favorite pick of the draft, exactly what we needed! can't grade him out simply because he hasn't been able to play, he will be a factor I believe.

Cameron Sample - Draft Day (B-) as of week 11 (C)

-I liked the double dip on the line, rotational rusher that had a high motor. He has had flashes, I believe with a lot of refinement he will be a good piece, the type of player we have to have on the line. As of now though, 1 sack and 8 tackles for a fourth round pick isn't spectacular.

Tyler Shelvin - Draft Day (D) as of week 11 (Incomplete)

- I didnt like the pick at the time, because I had no idea who he was. I never really warmed up on the idea of the pick until the preseason, you can see what the staff wanted to do with him. Take up space and eat up blockers and keep our LB's clean. He has been active for 1 game, I can't give a grade on that. Hopeful, but I am concerned he may never really see the field.

D'Ante Smith - Draft Day (B) as of week 11 (Incomplete)

- Loved the pick simply because of the size, looked great in the preseason and apparently in training camp. Has the size and mean streak it seems. Hated to see the injury, I really believe that he would have been the starting RG otherwise. No snaps played, cant grade - May be the best lineman we drafted from this class though!

Evan McPherson - Draft Day (B) as of week 11 (A)

- It would be an A plus had he made one of the kicks from the GB game. He was maybe taken a round before he should have been. Had flash backs of Elliot, however, he is a weapon! No concerns when he kicks and if feels like as soon as we hit the opponents 45 we are in range. Outside of Tucker, I'm not sure if anyone else has a better leg.

Trey Hill - Draft Day (B-) as of week 11 (D+)

-I liked the pedigree of the pick, had he been healthy I doubt he was there in round 6. With that said, the Detroit game just soured me on him and his performance was rough. Penalty and pressures allowed. He has not played well when given a chance. But - with growth he could be a viable piece.

Chris Evan - Draft Day (C) as of week 11 (A)

-I do not like michigan, so maybe that had something to do with my initial thought, or the overall lack of production. However, to me, he is our biggest steal of the draft. He has improved so much and is going to be a weapon. He can catch the ball so well and plays well on special teams. Long time player that I believe will be extended when the time comes.

Wyatt Hubert - Draft Day (C) as of week 11 (Incomplete)

- What is there to say - hope he gets a chance to play somewhere

I gave the class initially a B- and at this point I am willing to say at this point it looks more like a B.

Chase, Evans and McPherson have been huge for us this year, Carman has been wildly inconsistent and others have not really made an impact. If Ossai can come back from injury next year and we see some development in some players this could be a special special class.

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