Time to take out the Trash

The semi-resurrected scum will be floating in from up river this Sunday. As our beloved departed the Heinz hell hole in September, we left a dying collection of has bens and bodies on the field. There rotting corpses had just quit and were left for dead. As if the grim reaper had given the three rivers bowl a much needed enema, their toothless slobbering faithful headed to their trailer parks to down their sorrows in warm Iron City swill.

Sunday will be the last visit from their rapist under center. The throng of drooling, cross eyed, idgits in their faded glory will finally be purged from the Queen City. The dirty, whining, cheating, crybabies and their no class leader Tomlin will leave beaten and disgraced as the losers they are. This last barrage of dirty hits and classlessness is it. This will be the final curb stomping they have so earned. As fans, it is time to take this trash out of our stadium. Never again should a terrible tissue waving hoard of jack asses blabber their bullshit in our house. We need to own the jungle. This is our house. Get out and stay out.

Our native son Joey B. has arrived and we have entered a new dey. Its time to take out this trash and bury it under the rusty outhouse from which it came. Our decade of prosperity is upon us and the Shizburg Squeelers can kiss my ass. You and your ilk will never deserve nor get an ounce of respect or civility from me, ever. I hate them. We've got our boots on their throat. It's time to jump up and down, grind and gritty, then kick their sorry asses out of town. I can't wait til Sunday.

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