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Twitter reactions from Bengals laying down against Browns

The Bengals can’t be feeling great going into the bye week after the Browns shut them down.

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals were no match for the motivated Cleveland Browns on Sunday. The defense still looked helpless, and the offense struggled to find their footing after a three game road stretch.

Most of the team can shoulder some blame in this loss after a very disappointing loss against the New York Jets. The thought was they would come out with some motivation to make up for that, but a couple early mistakes gave Cincinnati quite the deficit early. One team made the plays on Sunday, and the Bengals just couldn’t keep up with the more motivated Browns.

Joe Mixon’s big day

Mixon seemed to be the only offensive player who showed up to really ready to try and turn this season around the entire game. We have to really take one bright side when we can with days like this. Hopefully this offense can all start playing well all at the same time.

Struggling to make plays

The Bengals had opportunities to either build a lead or catch up many times in this game. The common theme on offense in the passing game was mistakes and drops, though. The plays were there to be made, but no one rose to the occasion.

It started with Joe Burrow tossing a pick-six on the first drive.

Then it started to fall further apart when Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins and Samaje Perine had several big drops the rest of the game that felt like we would be looking at a completely different game if not for those crucial mistakes.

Defense becomes hard to defend

It is hard to explain what has happened with Cincinnati’s defense. We have not seen them suffer any major injuries following their dominant start to the season.

However, Bengals fans likely had flashbacks from the struggles from the 2020 season on defense. It seemed like defenders just couldn’t get lined up, cover or had even the slightest desire to tackle.

There isn’t much positive for this defense to takeaway aside from not trying to do what they did this week when they face Cleveland next.

General dismay

It is really hard to fit all of the lows of the lows we saw in Cincinnati today in all of these sections. There are some real ideas that stick out, and they feel like they need to be corrected during the bye week, Otherwise we may have a very long season on our hands.