Time to be honest

Man we were all on a high after the Ravens game because we thought that was our turning point. Our easy early season schedule led us to hope, which is great, but the Ravens game gave us expectations. Now with 2 straight embarrassing losses 1 to a bottom of the dweller Jets team and this week to the short-handed Browns we have to be realistic with ourselves again. Going into this season most Bengals fans would've said we were looking at 6-8 wins if we were truly being honest, again this is before the season not knowing anything you know now.

Now here's the harsh reality we could be looking at, we're going into the bye week 5-4 and with 8 remaining games and none of them are going to be easy. Raiders and Steelers to start it might be a tossup if we can correct some things. After that we're starting at the Chargers, 49ers, Broncos (who just crushed Dallas), Ravens, Chiefs and Browns. We travel to Denver which we've never fared well at.

The reality is this team after starting out 5-2 could finish up 5-12 with this type of schedule remaining. What does our finishing record need to be to see Taylor remain as the coach?? Surely if he started out 5-2 and finished 5-12 he's done, but what would it take for the fans to accept him or the FO want to keep him after this season?? Keeping in mind this team has been relatively healthy so the whole beat up excuse will not work.

Finally coming out of the bye week with 8 games remaining who are we beating, who are we rolling over for??

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