Is it time to start mocks yet?

Well, I decided to take the month of December off since my wife and I are moving from TX to FL. In between all of the moving items I will probably be dedicating an unhealthy amount of time to the Bengals. I thought I'd start off this month-long adventure with a quick five round mock off of TDN, which has us picking 24th currently.

1.24) Sauce Gardner, CB, UC: I'm not sure if he'll translate to the NFL, but that Cincy connection and his grit are hard to pass up. He's basically defensive Ja'marr Chase.

2.49) Devonte Wyatt, DT, UGA: When does the Cincy/UGA connection not pan out? Solid 3T that will be required if we let Larry O walk.

3.90) Ricky Stromberg, C, UArk: Explosive center. Reminds me of Price coming out of college, but hopefully for the better.

4.117) Trey McBride, TE, CSU: This is my most excited pick. Honestly, I'd take him sooner than fourth and he'll probably go much sooner. This guy screams McVay offensive TE. Plays vertical routes, plays fullback, can block, and can make overhead catches like we used to see from Eifert all the time. I want this dude to be a Bengal more than I want Sauce.

4.136) Tyler Badie, RB, Mizzou: Kick/Punt returner since Phillips is probably out after this season. Could become a scatback for us if we let Evans usurp Perine.

5.166) Jarrett Patterson, OG, ND: When in doubt just grab some big dudes from reputable schools.

Let me know your input to this, but hopefully we retain most of our FAs and can draft BPA.

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