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Zac Taylor rules out move to Oklahoma

If Oklahoma offers him a job, he’s staying put right in Cincinnati.

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Football - NCAA - Oklahoma vs. Nebraska Photo by Josh Wolfe /Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

The head coaching turnover in college football is nearly spinning out of control, and a school with connections to Zac Taylor has an opening.

After Lincoln Riley took the job at USC, Oklahoma needs a new head coach. Taylor, now in his third year with the Cincinnati Bengals, was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma, and played collegiately in the same conference as the Sooners.

But would he be interested in taking the job?

“No...absolutely not,” Taylor said, according to Kelsey Conway. “We’ve put in too much work here. I’ve got too much respect for an organization that took a chance on a young guy that not many people would and have the patience to stick through two difficult years with this vision in place. Nothing has been completed yet so there is zero percent chance I would ever consider something like that.”

After spending two years paying his dues, he is finally turning things around in Cincinnati. It makes sense that he wants to reap the benefits of what he had been sowing for his first few seasons.

After seeing contracts being offered to Riley, Brian Kelly, Mel Tucker, and James Franklin, it would take something like that to lure Taylor away.

Would Oklahoma even consider him for the job? Maybe.

The Sooners are looking to turn things around before moving to the SEC. They have been having struggles at the quarterback position, which would be Taylor’s area of expertise.

Taylor’s offense would be a fit for college football, as he is borrowing schemes from the 2019 LSU team. That team scored 63 points against Oklahoma in the college football playoff, so they know how effective it could be firsthand.