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John Harbaugh appeared a tad upset during postgame handshake with Zac Taylor

Harbaugh likely felt disrespected as the Bengals kept the pressure on, despite being up 20 late in the fourth. But Harbaugh’s Ravens did the same earlier this season in Denver.

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The Cincinnati Bengals have been absolutely dominant against the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers this season. It almost feels necessary to repeat that to make sure it’s the reality of the current season.

Well, the Bengals were up 41-21 late in the fourth, and the Ravens, who had struggled behind third-string quarterback Josh Johnson, had little chance of making a comeback. Let’s just say head coach Zac Taylor didn’t care how bad the beatdown ended up at.

Given the comments regarding the hype being given to Joe Burrow from the Baltimore defensive coordinator, it doesn’t come as a shocker that the Bengals opted to put it on the Ravens instead of taking the foot off the gas.

Burrow ended with a franchise-record 525 passing yards, at least 75 of which were not necessary.

The outcome had already been locked up, and Harbaugh was not happy about the Bengals continuing to throw the ball. At least in his postgame handshake with Taylor, he did not look pleased with the unravelings of the day.

To be fair, most can see where Harbaugh was coming from.

However, on the opposite side, the Bengals were looking for a statement win, and they got it. They were looking to make sure the Ravens coordinator understood just how good Burrow was.

Oh, and let’s not forget about Harbaugh essentially doing the same thing earlier this season when Baltimore beat the Denver Broncos.

Whatever the case, Burrow got the message across in historic fashion.