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Panthers release OC Joe Brady

The Bengals may not have a position open, but the fit with Joe Brady is too obvious.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers have had some issues this season.

After a strong 3-0 start, they’ve struggled. While Joe Brady didn’t make his case for being retained better, the combination of the team trading for Sam Darnold on top of his injury really didn’t aid his performance.

Darnold started off the season hot. He was injured, along with superstar RB Christian McCaffrey. The team with McCaffrey versus without him is night and day, and Carolina was unable to move the ball without their lead back.

That looked poorly on Brady, who is in charge of the offense's performance. With that in mind, the Panthers had enough and opted to release Brady.

The relationship with Brady and Bengals’ star QB Joe Burrow dates back to their dynamic tenure at LSU. Burrow had one of the best seasons in college football history with Brady in helping build one of the best college offenses ever seen.

While the Bengals don’t necessarily have an attractive position available since Brian Callahan seems secure in his role, Cincinnati could look to bring Brady on as an assistant in some manner.

That could be determined later, but regardless, Brady has a relationship with Burrow and that should be enough to get him a look from the Bengals, especially if a current staff member leaves for a promotion elsewhere.