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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Super Highway

Super Bowl LV is behind us, but it may have taught Bengals’ fans a few things. John and Anthony review some Bengals news and talk about the game from the Who Dey lens. The crew also gives a “State Your Case” with a draft situation and come up with another free agency profile.

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Super Bowl LV is in the books and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are World Champions. As it usually goes when the Bengals are at home during the big game, those associated with the club try to view it through an orange and black lens as a means to visualize a path for Cincinnati’s potential future success.

On this week’s episode of The Orange and Black Insider, John and Anthony went over some recent headlines with the club, while taking some lessons learned from the teams competing in the Super Bowl and how the Bengals can apply them.

There was an interesting “leak” earlier on Wednesday from the Bengals’ social media team that intimated the team was moving towards a Ring of Honor. Is that what it looks like and was it in response to the league’s recent slighting of Ken Riley at the NFL Honors?

Regardless, names like “Munoz”, “Anderson” and “Krumrie” were noticeable from outside of the stadium. Jeremy Rauch of FOX 19 furthered the story that was built upon observations made by folks like Blake Jewell at All Bengals.

One such Super Bowl lesson that we mentioned above is part of our “State Your Case” segment and it pertains to the NFL Draft. Cincinnati is poised to significantly help their offense, likely at offensive line, with the No. 5 overall pick.

However, Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski shined throughout the postseason and were mismatch nightmares for some of the best teams in the league. Cincinnati has an opportunity to draft the next great player who is not just a tight end, but a “flex” option and this past Sunday opened up that conversation further.

We also give a free agent profile of a target the team could hone in on this spring. The offensive line remains the top priority for shoring up in The Queen City and John has a solid option for an upgrade.

Our thanks to those of you who joined us for the live recording, and for downloading it on your favorite platform afterward!

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