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Did the Bengals’ Ring of Honor get leaked?

Well, well, well, what do we have here!


The Bengals may finally be adding a Ring of Honor.

In a now deleted post from the Bengals’ Twitter account, the names Anderson, Krumrie, and Munoz can be seen between the windows of the east-side press box of Paul Brown Stadium. These names obviously represent Bengals legends Ken (or Willie!) Anderson, Tim Krumrie, and Anthony Munoz.

Blake Jewell of provided the zoom-in visual, and Twitter user Dalton Livesay was the first to notice the names.

If there was ever to be a Bengals Ring of Honor, those three players would be obvious first-ballot inductees, so it makes perfect sense as to why their names are up first. It’s unclear if those are the only names up there right now.

Does this confirm an actual Ring of Honor is being (or has been) finalized? Not exactly, but the listing of former players names amongst the stands is how essentially every other sports team in America showcases their own Ring of Honor in at least one manner.

This comes less than a week after the Bengals condemned the NFL for omitting Ken Riley during their “In Memoriam” segment as a part of their NFL Honors program. In all likelihood, the Bengals were planning this before Riley’s omission, but there’s evidence that the names were added within the last 10 days (h/t to friend of the site, Bradey Nance). Maybe public pressure works?

The reveal of a Ring of Honor to go along with their new uniforms does make a lot of sense. This should be one of the more memorable offseasons in recent history for Cincinnati.