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Joe Burrow is planning to be running by the end of the month

10-12 weeks following his Dec. 2 surgery is when Burrow will be expected to pick it up a notch.

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Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals brought in their future franchise quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft. With the No. 1 overall pick, they selected Joe Burrow, a pick everyone saw coming from light-years away as Burrow was among the best college prospects in recent history.

Sadly, Burrow did make it through the entire season without a career-transforming injury. Burrow’s Week 11 injury may have him sidelined into the new year, but after having surgery to fix his torn ACL, Burrow has been progressing well.

“I think about gaining muscle and getting stronger. Staying lean is big so I can stay mobile. Getting stronger is more so the goal than gaining weight,” Burrow said according to the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Tyler Dragon.

Burrow is slated to begin a new portion of his recovery regime in the coming weeks — running. It’s 10-12 weeks following the injury that running is first expected, Dragon wrote.

That gives him through the beginning of March to start picking up the pace, but given his work ethic and how his recovery has already progressed, it may be more likely around the ten-week mark than later.

Burrow was destined to get injured throughout the season.

He played through Week 11 but ended the season in the top ten in sacks taken. The Bengals must figure that out, and the team will be praying it’s in the form of Penei Sewell, the best offensive lineman available in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Burrow’s been seen working out and has been praised by those that know him for his desire to return. Despite throwing for 2,688 yards in 2020, the best is still yet to come for the elite quarterback.