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Adam Jones arrested in Hamilton County, charged with assault

Jones allegedly “punched and kicked a person in the head until the person was unconscious.”

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Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images


The person Jones assaulted, according to Cincinnati Police officers, was a security guard for the nightclub Clutch OTR. 37-year old Kevin Streets was allegedly punched and kicked in the head by Jones until he lost consciousness.

Adam Jones is back in the news for the wrong reasons, again.

On Monday morning, Jones was booked into the Hamilton County Justice Center after being arrested for a misdemeanor assault. Jones reportedly “punched and kicked a person in the head until the person was unconscious” and appeared in court at 9 a.m.

Jones’ last run in with the law came nearly two years ago when he was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct. He faced up to 11 years in prison for eight separate charges from that arrest.

In January of 2017, Jones was arrested and eventually plead guilty to obstructing official business, and a second-degree misdemeanor offense after a night filled with getting kicked out of a casino, a bar, and being arrested outside of the Millennium Hotel in downtown Cincinnati.

Jones, who played for the Cincinnati Bengals for eight seasons, has a rap sheet as long as it is disappointing. You’d think after so many times he would either receive the help he needs or would simply know better, but neither seems to be the case.

In April of last year, one year after Jones retired from the NFL, he revealed that he is bipolar.

Perhaps Jones’ legal history will impact the punishment for his latest arrest.