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Updated odds to win Super Bowl 56

The Carson Wentz trade leads to a shakeup in the odds to win the next Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The offseason is in full swing, and the fireworks are starting early this year with a franchise quarterback being traded before NFL free agency begins.

The Philadelphia Eagles have traded Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional 2022 second-rounder, according to the NFL Network. Though Wentz has had his struggles in recent years, he’s going to a Colts team in much better shape for a playoff run than the Eagles.

As you can imagine, this trade slightly changes the outlook of the 2021 NFL season, specifically in terms of the odds to win Super Bowl 56. The latest odds from have the Colts now tied for the 10th-best odds to win next season’s Super Bowl, while the Eagles are now closer to the bottom with 70-1 odds.

The Cincinnati Bengals still have the third-worst odds to win it all next season at 100-1 odds. While they clearly have a lot of work to do, another productive showing in free agency and the NFL Draft could propel the Bengals out of the bottom 10 and into a more respectable range.

The Kansas City Chiefs remain the favorites to win it all next season at 9-2 odds, while the Jacksonville Jaguars and Detroit Lions are tied for the worst odds at 125-1.

Here is a look at every team’s odds to win it all next season.

NFL odds to win Super Bowl 56

  • Chiefs 9/2
  • Buccaneers 8/1
  • Packers 8/1
  • Bills 11/1
  • Ravens 11/1
  • Rams 14/1
  • 49ers 14/1
  • Saints 15/1
  • Browns 18/1
  • Seahawks 20/1
  • Colts 20/1
  • Dolphins 25/1
  • Steelers 25/1
  • Cowboys 28/1
  • Titans 28/1
  • Chargers 33/1
  • Patriots 40/1
  • Cardinals 40/1
  • Raiders 50/1
  • Vikings 50/1
  • Panthers 50/1
  • Washington 60/1
  • Bears 66/1
  • Broncos 66/1
  • Falcons 66/1
  • Giants 66/1
  • Texans 66/1
  • Eagles 70/1
  • Jets 80/1
  • Bengals 100/1
  • Lions 125/1
  • Jaguars 125/1