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Bengals’ plans at guard is their biggest question of free agency

It’s now or never for the Bengals to invest in a position they’ve neglected for years.

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

So what if the offensive line was a disaster last year?

So what if the most chaos was at the guard position?

So what if this chaos allowed Joe Burrow to get pummeled and thus end his season?

That still doesn’t mean the Bengals will change their ways.

As Bengals insider and star YouTuber Ace Boogie mentions, the team has a history of being cheap with free agent guards; Kevin Zeitler and Eric Steinbach can both attest to that. But that history will be met with an offseason that’s focused on building the offensive line back up.

“I think the emphasis is definitely gonna be on the offensive line,” Boogie said. “Now what I wonder, and what some people close to the Bengals wonder, is how highly they will view specific guards...I think what you’ll likely see is a guard that they can get where they can pay him about like $8-9 million a year. They may not go for the exact top guy, but they could possibly target one of those mid-tier guards.”

How far will the Bengals go against their nature to protect their most valuable asset? He added that things change the team has changed its approach recently, but that he won’t get his own hopes up over the prospects of landing a top guard based on the team’s history.

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