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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: A Tip of the Cap

We talk salary cap and free agency with “cap-ologist” and Bengals favorite Twitter follow, Andre Perrotta. John and Anthony also engage in another “State Your Case” segment and provide another free agent profile.

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We’re just under a month away from the March frenzy that is NFL Free Agency and it’s not fully clear just how big of players the Cincinnati Bengals will be. But, we had someone join us on The Orange and Black Insider who gave us the data and insight to properly present the facts and figures.

Bengals fan favorite Twitter follow, Andre Perrotta, joined us on the program to talk salary cap and free agency. His knowledge is next-level and the content will be eye-opening for fans, as the team gets set for the new league year.

John and Anthony blend in another “State Your Case”, while talking about external free agents and their potential contract looks with Andre.

Some of the highlights this week:

  • Just how much cap space do the Bengals have and how much can they free up with certain roster moves?
  • A chat about the difference between cap spending and cash spending.
  • Who are some of the names of Bengals cap casualties and what could they free up?
  • Will the Bengals be internally or externally-focused in free agency? Both?
  • What would manageable and realistic contracts look like for some of the better external offensive line options?
  • The Cincinnati Bengals are getting themselves out of bad contracts recently—a trend that wasn’t always the case. Said trend could continue this offseason.
  • Elizabeth Blackburn’s recent article on has inspired the fan base.

Our thanks to those who joined us live on our YouTube channel, both the OBI and Cincy Jungle Twitter accounts, and/or the CJ Facebook page! And, as always, thanks for listening!

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