Isaiah Wilson, he has to be talked about right??

I think anytime you see the headlines for a guy like this, drafted in the 1st round and even a guy that some wondered would the Bengals take him if he's available in round 2, and now he's on the WAY out in Tennessee. Drafted in 2020 at #29 overall he has made a ton of mistakes off the field and seems like he showed his immaturity in a big way during his rookie yr. Did the lack of 1-1 involvement open the door up to a to relaxed environment? With no true training camps or OTA's was he unable to get his mind right on his own??

Titans have said they're shopping this guy question has to be, is he worth taking a shot at a trade on, let's be honest if the Titans can even recoup a 5th rounder at best I'm sure they'd be happy. Or is it worth a chance in they let him go and we try to land him there. Being he is on a rookie contract deal we're looking at a guy who is a true RT that we can have for roughly 3M a year for the next 3 years before making a decision and the dead cap money is relatively low if he doesn't pan out.

So what is everyone's thoughts on this guy?? I have mixed emotions on him given what all transpired over the course of his rookie season. However I can't deny this guy was a true 1st round talent and legit player coming out of Georgia. He could ultimately be surrounded by young talent in our organization and a new OL coach. Given what his contract consist of I would be willing to take a chance on him for sure. I wouldn't give any more than a 5th rounder for him given the circumstances. I'm just looking at a college talent, who needs to get his head on right, plays RT pair him up with Sewell and bring in a Thuney for mentoring and fix the G spot and this line could start to form itself nicely. At this point only thing left would be either bring in a FA center or draft one.


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