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Carson Palmer was “blown away” by how good Joe Burrow looked as a rookie

Palmer called Burrow a top-ten quarterback.

Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals sadly won just two games in 2019. The fanbase once again started to buzz with over a third of the season left as one of the best quarterback prospects of the decade was showcasing his talent at the collegiate level.

Joe Burrow won the Heisman Trophy and then went on to help LSU win the national championship.

He was that good and was the clear No. 1 overall pick. Selected by the Bengals, Burrow joined the team that had a notably lacking offensive line yet an elite receiving corps at his disposal.

Let’s just say he did not disappoint. Burrow threw for 2,688 yards and 13 touchdowns. He had five interceptions as well.

Those numbers are only low because the quarterback that ranked top-ten in sacks taken was drilled against the Washington Football Team in Week 11 and tore his ACL among other damage done to his knee.

Burrow, prior to having that season-ending injury, was turning heads. One of those people that were highly impressed by Burrow was the Bengals former long-time quarterback Carson Palmer.

Palmer appeared on the “Pat McAfee Show” and praised the young quarterback.

“I was shocked. I thought he was going to be a good pro and the sky was the limit. But he came in and played as a rookie on a team that was not quite as good as every team they played personnel-wise and he still with that supporting cast played like 1 of the top 10 QBs in the league. I was blown away.”

Palmer, who had a similar injury, had noted how Burrow is the right guy to make a strong comeback.

With Cincinnati hopefully taking it seriously that they need to improve their offensive line, Burrow should be able to come back to a situation in which he can again prove just how talented he is.

Burrow had five 300-yard passing games his rookie season, so it’ll be thrilling for fans to see him back in action in 2021.