Did Tobin foreshadow FA??

There's a lot of people on this site confused and left wondering why we didn't use the Franchise Tag on Lawson or WJIII. In looking at some of the statements, one in particular stuck out to me and could very well explain the thought process of not using the tag. I for one am on record as saying it shouldn't have been used, it would've cost us 16.29M to franchise Lawson and you're banking on getting a deal done and while Lawson is a nice guy to have he's not 16.29M worth of a 45M cap space hit. Getting a long term deal done is ideal as the numbers can be moved around to where the cap hit isn't nearly that big. With WJIII I think the Bengals sit back and they'll let the market dictate where Jackson is at and decide is he worth that or not.

So we look at Tobin and here's what stuck out to me:

  • Tobin said the club's plans for improving the team in free agency the draft begin and end with quarterback Joe Burrow.

Some speculated and I tend to agree that this FA could solely be looked at from an offensive standpoint, whether that's bringing in a couple lineman and a WR or however they'd like to build. It looks like FA is going to be geared towards offense and I'm guessing outside of our 1st rounder we could see the draft go to solely to the defensive side of the ball. Of course everything looks great on paper and they have to convince FA to want to come and play here. However with what Tobin has said offense looks to be the key in FA and I'll guess a OL and probably rookie WR in the draft after that defense will be key in the draft. Which is good because this draft does offer some depth at the CB and ED position, the CB offers high end talent guys and the ED rushers look to be a tier down but there's quite a few scattered throughout.

What do you guys think??

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