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Chalk Talk: Bengals roster and needs entering free agency

Matt and John breakdown the Bengals’ current roster and needs before free agency officially begins.

With free agency fast approaching, we took an opportunity to overview the Bengals’ needs. The Joe Burrow era is underway in Cincinnati and it is time for this team to take the next step. What do they need to do to be a legitimate contender in 2021 and beyond?

The need to protect Burrow is clear, but other offensive issues were evident last season. What do the Bengals need to do to improve their offensive production and compete for the AFC North title? Which key players must be retained? Where do they need to add talent?

Offense was not the only weakness this team had last year. Cincinnati’s defense had its struggles last year and now they face the possibility of losing two of their best three players in Carl Lawson and William Jackson III. How important is it for the Bengals to re-sign this tandem? What other players should they look to bring back? Where do they need to add outside talent in order to improve their defensive performance next season?

Long-time assistant coach Darrin Simmons has always done a great job with the special teams. Last offseason they lost Clayton Fejedelem in free agency and this year they have several key special teams players potentially entering free agency. How important is it that they bring these players back?

John Sheeran and Matt Minich go through the roster position by position give you the information that you need to have before free agency. We all know about the Bengals’ need for a speed wideout and a stud offensive linemen. John and Matt go deeper and talk about the depth and rotational pieces that the Bengals will need to truly succeed next season.