Mock Draft.....Trade down twice and back into the 1st round multiple times

Well I decided to have a fun little draft where I planned on trading down and using the draft capital gained to trade back up. In both cases on the trade down the team wanting to trade ultimately took a QB that was still on the board, Fields for the one team and Lance for the other. So the 1st team pick without any trade was #12-Darrisaw. After that I used the 1st rounders obtained from the other trades to trade back into round 1 as well as later round 2021 picks. After it was all said and done these were the players I ended up, while ultimately only giving up a 2022-3rd round pick of our own. So the 2022 and 2023 draft we still own all picks with the exception of the 2022-3rd rounder. I decided to try this one to have a little fun and 2 give that all in effect for this team. I expect us to be active in FA, so I wanted to compliment that with a banger of a draft. There is 11 players drafted which isn't ideal but when you can get the quality I did, eh why not.

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