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Bengals Ring of Honor still not official

Bengals Director of Communications, Emily Parker, would not give credence to leaked pictures of banners bearing the names of Bengals greats.

Super Bowl XVI - San Fracisco 49ers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

The Ring of Honor has to happen, right?

We all saw the photos from a since-deleted tweet from the official Bengals Twitter account.

The names of a few of the greatest Bengals players ever - Ken Anderson, Tim Krumrie, and Anthony Muñoz - are written above a press box, a good indication that a Ring of Honor is coming.

Still, the Bengals haven’t come out and confirmed it just yet.

When I asked Emily Parker, the Bengals Director of Communications, about this, she replied by summarizing Elizabeth Blackburn’s vision statement, “We are working on ways big and small to make sure that our Bengals legends get the recognition that they deserve.”

Parker then talked about how she reached out to the NFL for failing to include Ken Riley in their NFL honors piece. She received an apology. She also mentioned that’s Geoff Hobson, who has a vote for the NFL Hall of Fame, has been very vocal in campaigning for Bengals greats to be inducted.

“Trust me, Geoff Hobson works harder than anybody behind the scenes to get the voters, and I think we were excited to see Willie Anderson in the mix this year, and obviously the next goal is to get him further in the process. But I think we’re going to work with Geoff to get him the content and talking points to really help him amplify his case.”

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