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Why the Bengals won’t bring back the leaping tiger

Bengals Director of Communications talked with us about the team’s new uniforms.

NFL: JAN 03 Ravens at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Amidst the hype and discussion surrounding the Bengals new uniforms and a possible leak, we sat down to talk with Bengals Direction of Communications Emily Parker and gave our opinions.

I told her that I like the leaked uniforms but really wish they could bring back the leaping tiger. I’ve been an advocate of it for a while. Back in June of 2020, I ran a poll, and it appears a large number of fans want the tiger logo back as well.

Unfortunately, it seems the “B” will remain the main logo for now.

Parker said:

“The thing with a tiger logo is there’s a lot of schools on the high school, college, professional level that have a tiger logo. And so for us, with the Bengals ‘B’, it’s something that’s unique to us, and when people see it they know it represents the Bengals. We do have a secondary logo that is a tiger head that we use on certain aspects, whether it’s from a graphics standpoint or a merchandise standpoint. So there is still a tiger logo that is out there, but yeah, the Bengals ‘B’ is something that is unique to us and that’s one of the reasons I think it resonates with people.”

You can watch our interview here:

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