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Kevin Zeitler to Ravens

Zeitler is back in the AFC North.

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Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

So much for that Kevin Zeitler reunion.

After the New York Giants cut Zeitler last week, many wondered if the Cincinnati Bengals would reacquire long-time stud guard.

Turns out, he will be coming back to the AFC North, but it will instead be with the Baltimore Ravens.

According to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, Baltimore has agreed to a three-year deal for $22.5 million to get Zeitler.

While it's unfortunate to see Zeitler sign with a division rival, that is a bit rich for a 31-year-old guard coming off a season which he finished with a 65.9 Pro Football Focus grade. Had the Bengals signed him to a similar deal, it likely would have taken them out of the market for some of the better offensive linemen hitting free agency this year.

Still, this definitely makes Baltimore’s already-dangerous offense even scarier heading into next season, especially for a Bengals team that’s never beaten Lamar Jackson and has been outscored 114-19 over the last three meetings in this series.