Poll: Who truly is the problem the coach or FO??

I know it's only been 1 day of FA but just like every year if you're not involved on day 1 you're sitting back and waiting for the scraps on those positions that took off. I'm sure the WRs and CBs will start going off the board in day 2. After all the smoke that has been blown up all of our rears that begs the question who truly is to blame??

Many wanted Zac out but if the FO is unable to match or go slightly better than a 3 yr 22M deal that Zeitler got one has to ask the question does the FO really care about winning. Week or so ago we seen an article talking about the grand daughter coming in and how the skies were turning blue and here we go. Bottom line is our social media presence is there to simply keep us informed of guys we can't get.

So let's get down to brass tax, 2 years now of having the ability to fix the line and nothing has been done is it on the FO or Zac??

Both the Dolphins and Chargers took QBs in the top 10 last year and both have heavily addressed the lines, the Chargers this year especially with the signing of Linsley and Feiler. The Dolphins traded pennies in order to bring in a 1st round talent who might have lost his way after a season with minimal risk.

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