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Bengals fans get #GollaDEY trending on Twitter

Seize the GollaDEY!

New Orleans Saints v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

With the simple offering of a contract, the Cincinnati Bengals have sparked a viral movement in NFL free agency.

Free agent wide receiver Kenny Golladay received an offer from the Bengals on Wednesday. Per Malik Wright of The Wrightway Sports Network, it was Golladay who reportedly reached out to the Bengals about playing with Joe Burrow on a one-year deal.

Not only did a high-quality free agent reach out to Bengals about playing for them, the Bengals basically said “screw it” and gave him a real offer.

This got Bengals fans excited, to say the absolute very least.

For the last several hours, Twitter has been flooded with #GollaDEY. If you don’t believe me, it’s currently the highest trending topic on Twitter as of this posting.

Bengals fans all over the app have gathered in a collective action to get Golladay to accept his offer from the Bengals. And they show no signs of stopping until Golladay signs the dotted line.

Golladay is scheduled to visit the New York Giants Thursday evening, and it’s expected that they’ll offer him a deal as well.

Maybe Golladay should check his phone before touching the pen.