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Trey Hendrickson believes the future is bright for Bengals

“The sky’s the limit with Joe Burrow.”

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As free agency is ramping up across the NFL, new Cincinnati Bengals pass-rusher Trey Hendrickson seems excited about the opportunity that lies ahead with his new team.

On Tuesday afternoon, he made an appearance on Undefined with Josina Anderson and spoke highly about the outlook for the future of the Bengals. The team agreed to a contract around 10:30 PM ET, well it seems that it was a long night for Hendrickson.

“I couldn’t go to sleep. I’m thinking about orange and black and rocking the 91 over there, it’s going to be a blast.”

The main highlight of his conversation was the highlight and point of emphasis he put on the importance of second year quarterback Joe Burrow.

“Truthfully I feel like I can help this organization. I think there’s a lot of potential here with the quarterback Joe Burrow. The defense is one or two pieces away from really locking down opposing quarterbacks and if we can hit these guys in the backfield and get them off their spot, I can’t wait to add to this pass rush.”

He later continued with this quote and another praise for his quarterback:

“They’re in a building phase and I think it has to come from within. They’re adding the right pieces right now. By signing Vonn (Bell) and getting guys in the draft like Sam (Hubbard) and going out and getting me, I think they’re getting the right culture inside of the locker room.

“I think that’s where a lot of the special teams have it is when they come together for unanimous win and play for each other and touch all lines and hold the standard from within and the sacks will take care of themselves. If we’re playing our one eleventh and doing our job, the sky is the limit with Joe Burrow being our quarterback.”

Hendrickson is no stranger to a team with a great quarterback. Coming to the Bengals from New Orleans he is use to a strong leader being behind the helm on the offense and ultimately helping lead the team to a winning culture. Although Joe Burrow is no Drew Brees by any stretch of the imagination yet, fans, and now new teammates can see the potential that Burrow has even coming off the ACL injury.

The other plus side is seeing the potential Hendrickson sees in this defense. It showed at times last year of what could become in the coming years. He hit the nail on the head that the pieces are there, now it’s just continuing to shape the roster from here to the beginning of the season.

For Hendrickson he has been playing on the opposite side as a guy of Cam Jordan. Now he will become the focal point of this defenses pass rush. Riding that positive momentum he has had and continuing to show his desire to be in the orange and black and he should become a fan favorite once kickoff happens this fall.