The Eat Your Heart Out Mock Draft

Well Bengal nation we've made some moves and looks like we're still trying to fill some voids what will happen with that is anyone's guess. I've seen quite a few guys doing some mocks so I decided to toss my hat into the ring. This off-season has seen many teams clamoring for QB help and simply not filling those spots. So with that in mind this draft and our position at #5 is pretty big as we are right in front of several teams that could easily take a QB. Leaving teams like the 49ers, Patriots, Bears and Washington all looking to find a way to make that jump. With this draft QBs went 1-2, and Sewell and Chase went 3-4 leaving the options wide open for any team to make that jump. I decided to dance the trading tango with Washington as it would allot me the most draft capital for this season with how far high they needed to jump. Can the team get an additional 2nd and 3rd this year for a team to climb this high, I absolutely believe so especially when it gives them the #3 QB off the board.

I purposely glossed over the CB position as right now we're sitting with Waynes, Hilton, Awuzie, Phillips as pretty good depth in that area. I also didn't want to miss the opportunity to fix both the OL and DL. ENJOY

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