Time to really look at #5 after the trades

Well we're getting closer and closer to draft day and I believe the trades yesterday really showed the hands of a few teams. So the 49ers wanted to get at high up the draft as possible and the Jets shot them down at #2 which is basically locking picks 1-2-3 in at QB at this point. Now we're looking at Atlanta a team I really don't feel is looking for a QB as M. Ryan is still playing at a high level and they're not looking at a WR. Atlanta could trade out to those teams that are going to be clamoring for the #4 QB off the board. For the sake of argument let's say Pitts goes to Atlanta at #4.

The Bengals seem to be locked in at #5, as one would've thought they could've made the deal with the Dolphins and dropped down to #12 and still landed Slater or Darrisaw. The Bengals haven't really been entertaining any of the top OL in FA and almost have that I'm content with what we have in house feel about them yet again but making the move for Reiff is a big upgrade to the RT. The position of need and where we're the thinnest in terms of overall depth is WR, we haven't gone after any veteran WRs, and I don't count Golladay as they contacted us and I don't think either side was truly interested in one another.

Which leads me to believe Ja'Marr Chase is our selection at #5. The guy already has a well documented history with Joe Burrow and Burrow has already talked about a reunion with this guy. There's very few times in NFL history where a team was able to draft the #1 QB overall one year and the next year be bad enough to be able to draft the QBs #1 WR the following year. Burrow gives Chase a leg up on the learning process as well. The OL is deep in this draft and for us to grab 1-2 OL, and 2 WRs.

Everyone's going to have their own opinion but for me I think this points to 100% Ja'Marr Chase being the pick. Taylor was also in a system with the Rams where they had K. Kupp/R. Woods/B.Cooks. So I think he's going to want more play makers and quality ones at that. WRs are tiered into groups and it's much smaller groups when compared to the OL.

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